Advantages at a Glance

Light Weight and Yet Strong

Compacted at a higher pressure than other man-made stones, VULCAN is feather light but has a superior breaking strength. Despite its slim profile, the tenacity of this material enables long spans, cantilevers and overhangs on work tops, islands and bar counters.


Due to the high strength of the material, VULCAN can last a long time.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

VULCAN is non-porous, impermeable and does not require periodic sealing like natural stones. Requires virtually none or minimal maintenance.

Affordable Natural Stones Look

The veins and grains of natural stones in granite and marble can be captured then digitally replicated in VULCAN. Providing seamless aesthetic of natural stones at a fraction of the cost.

Highly Stain Resistant

Non-porous and has an insignificant low water absorption rate, VULCAN is stain resistant. Remove any spills then rinse with water. Perfect for any households.

Highly Chemical Resistant

VULCAN is non-reactive to concentrated acids and household chemicals such as ammonia, bleach and detergent.

Highly Scratch Resistant

VULCAN is highly resistant to scratches making it perfect for both residential and commercial applications. However, it is still recommended to use a cutting surface and still be diligent in manoeuvring around delicate corners and edges that are more susceptible to chipping.

Highly Heat and Fire Resistant

Compacted at over 1,200 degree Celsius, a VULCAN top is engineered to handle high temperatures, however, we will still recommend using trivets.

Highly UV Resistant

VULCAN is the exemplary material for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its highly UV (ultraviolet light) resistant quality is colour fast despite prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. It is easy to create a seamless transition from your interior to your exterior space by using the same material.

Highly Fade Resistant

The highly sophisticated Italian technologies locks the pigmentation into each slab ensuring quality colour consistency. This also reduces the risk of colour fading over time.

Highly Frost Resistant

VULCAN’S natural resistance to frost makes it an ideal solution for cold environments such as patios and swimming pools.


VULCAN is highly sustainable and is recyclable.